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Laserdisc Player Guide - Pictures and info on laserdisc players used in arcade games.
Laserdisc Player Conversion Products - The Hi-Tech, LaserAce, LaserCon, Merlin-8000, and Dexter products allow you to upgrade/replace your game's laserdisc player.
Dragon's Lair Custom Conversion - Build a custom laserdisc player conversion for Dragon's Lair / Space Ace.
EuroDL - A custom laserdisc player conversion for your European Dragon's Lair or Space Ace.
Dragon's Lair II Disc Player Conversion - This ROM allows Leland's DL2 game to use any Sony LDP series player.
Cliff Hanger PR-8210 Conversion - Replace your PR-8210 laserdisc player with a LD-1100 for Cliff Hanger.
Star Rider PR-8210A Conversion - How to convert a PR-8210 laserdisc player into a PR-8210A for Star Rider.
PR-8210 vs. PR-8210A - A quick look at the differences between the two LD players.
Firefox Philips 22VP931 Repair Guide - Everything you need to know to get your Firefox working again.
LD-V1000 Boot Switch - Manually issue a play command to your Pioneer LD-V1000.
LaserCom - An advanced computer interface for the Pioneer LD-V1000. [OFF‑SITE]



Dragon's Lair Enhancement - Realize the vision.  Rescue what was lost.
Space Ace Enhancement - Space Ace in its full glory.
Dragon's Lair II Enhancement - Time Warp finally comes to its originally intended Cinematronics platform to complete the 'trilogy'!
LaserCon Merlin-Dx - A multigame board that lets you switch on-the-fly between Dragon's Lair, Space Ace & Time Warp in the same cabinet, with the Dexter laserdisc replacement. [OFF‑SITE]
LaserCon Merlin-1000 MultiROM - A multiple ROM board for Dragon's Lair & Space Ace, which can also add Time Warp. [OFF‑SITE]
LaserCon ALG MultiROM - A replacement RAM / ROM board that includes firmware for 8 different American Laser Games titles.  Now compatible with Dexter. [OFF‑SITE]
Space Ace DIP Switch Remap - Matches the DIP switch positions & settings for Space Ace with those of Dragon's Lair, to alleviate changing switches when you change games.
Cliff Hanger Overrun fiX - Removes video overruns when scenes end, and also adds a new DIP switch setting for unlimited lives.
Thayer's Quest Uncensored ROM - Eliminate the restrictions on keyboard entry, and have Thayer's Quest say anything the player types.
Dragon's Lair II Disc Player Conversion - This ROM allows Leland's DL2 game to use any Sony LDP series player.
Euro Dragon's Lair / Space Ace Software Corner Hack - Use a Software Corner reprinted laserdisc in your European Dragon's Lair or Space Ace game.
Star Rider PIF ROM update - This ROM in the Star Rider Tech Center can improve the reliability of original hardware that may be crashing due to age.
Esh's Aurunmilla Level 7 Bug Fix - This ROM in the Esh's Aurunmilla Tech Center corrects a game-crippling frame number typo.



  Dragon's Lair Rev. A PCB Modifications - See and apply all the changes that were made during production of Dragon's Lair until the design was finalized.
Dragon's Lair Rev. A PCB Conversion to LD-V1000 - Convert the Dragon's Lair / Space Ace PR-7820 boardset to work with the LD-V1000 laserdisc player.
Dragon's Lair Rev. A PCB 68705 Bypass Mod - Update the clock signal on older Dragon's Lair / Space Ace PCBs.
Dragon's Lair Score Display Flicker - Eliminate the flickering 'F' letters that may develop in a Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Thayer's Quest score display.
Dragon's Lair Joystick Volume Control - Adjust the volume of the "joystick feedback sounds" in Dragon's Lair / Space Ace.
Dragon's Lair Monitor Swap - Replace your Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Thayer's Quest RGB monitor with a TV tube.
Dragon's Lair Power Supply Adaptor - Replace the original power supply with a modern switching one for Dragon's Lair / Space Ace / Thayer's Quest.
Dragon's Lair / Space Ace Combo - Swap Dragon's Lair and Space Ace ROMs with the flip of a switch.
TQKey - Use a computer keyboard in place of the original Thayer's Quest keyboard.
ALG Audio Hack - Use your CRT TV speakers for American Laser Games audio.



  Daphne - An awesome emulator with support for over 15 laserdisc games! [OFF‑SITE]
Singe - An add-on for the Daphne emulator that allows making new games.
Dragon's Lair II Emulator - A quick easy way to play Leland's Dragon's Lair II on your PC.
MAME - The popular emulator reports some success with a few laserdisc games. [OFF‑SITE]



  Dragon's Lair Initialization - Partial description of the initialization process of Dragon's Lair.
Dragon's Lair Engineering Mode - What happens when your Dragon's Lair / Space Ace is in engineering mode.
ALG RAM / ROM Info - Technical insight on the RAM / ROM board used by American Laser Games.


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