The 11th Annual D-L-P Gathering at CALIFORNIA EXTREME 2010
Santa Clara, California - July 17th & 18th, 2010

The 11th annual D-L-P Gathering was at California Extreme in Santa Clara California, on July 17th & 18th 2010.  California Extreme (CAX) is an annual celebration of coin operated video games, pinball machines, and other novelties you once found in arcades and game rooms across the world. It's two days that celebrate this exceptional entertainment medium, featuring tournaments, speakers, parts vendors, and an opportunity to play games you may have not seen for years.

Many D-L-Pers were on hand to celebrate this event and were able to play some of the rare laserdisc arcade games that always turn up at this event as well as the other 475 arcade games and pinball machines that were available for everyone to enjoy.  Special thanks goes out to Joe Abate and BZ for bringing many laserdisc arcade games for everyone to play.

The Hyatt
Santa Clara, CA
A few of the
laserdisc games
Tony M. Victorino
plays Time Traveler
Chip Sbrogna, BZ,
and Warren Ondras
Ariana Hertz &
Jeff Kinder
The Act Anyone want to play
Star Wars?
BZ and Jeff
The Nintendo Row Warren, Chip, & Tony
at one of the keynotes
Jeff was one of the
guest panelists for
The Match Game
Jeff and Desert Hawk
Desert Hawk in the
hot tub with a few
beautiful ladies
Jeff & Dave in San Fran
at 2:00AM loading up
Chip's Cliff Hanger
A few people watching
The Act
Jay Gallagher at the bar
The Atari System 1 row Dragon's Lair II The Williams row Cosmic Chasm &
Dragon's Lair used
similar cabinets
Joe Abate and his
laserdisc games
The Act is always a
crowd pleaser
Leslie Collins &
Desert Hawk
Damon Claussen &
Chip Sbrogna
Miscellaneous photos of the 475 video games and pinball machines in attendance at CAX 2010
Leslie plays his favorite
Cobra Command
Dan Schmelz' girlfriend
Beth gets an impressive
score on Super Don
Way to go, Beth!
A huge crowd gathers to watch Dave Hallock achieve
the world record at Road Runner (laserdisc version)

  The 2010 D-L-P Group Photo

Front row (from left):  Jeff Kinder, Joe Abate, Damon Claussen, Doug Jefferys, Steve Bower, Beth

Back row (from left): 
Alex Gray, Mike Betz, Desert Hawk, Steve Hertz, Tony M. Victorino, Jay Gallagher, BZ, chip Sbrogna,
Warren Ondras, Jeff Kulczycki, Jeff Maynard, Keith Elliott

Camera Shy:  Leslie Collins, Dan Schmelz, Bruce Nightingale, Dave Hallock 

(outtake photos)


A panoramic video of the all the games from California Extreme 2010. 


Dave Hallock, Jay Gallagher, and Jeff Kinder setting up the cocktail tables.

A walk around during the setup on Friday afternoon.

Want to attend CAX2011?, be sure to check the official California Extreme website for more pictures, ticket pricing, announcements, and hotel accommodations.

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