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DRAGON'S LAIR PROJECT TURNS 20 YEARS OLD!! - On August 25, 2017, the Dragon's Lair Project website celebrated its 20th anniversary on the internet.  The site, originally titled "Project Dragon's Lair", went online on August 25, 1997.  It started out as a single page with ten pictures showing the restoration of a Dragon's Lair cabinet.  Within a few weeks, a couple more pages were added as the site's popularity began to grow.  Twenty years later and over seven million visitors, the site is the largest laserdisc gaming website in the world.  Special thanks to all who were involved over the years. (posted by Jeff Kinder 08.25.17)

NEW DEXTER FIRMWARE - An important update to the Dexter firmware is now available (for all games) which addresses an inherent bug that affects the composite video output signal on all Raspberry Pi 2 boards and improves Dexter's overall video quality, clarity and sharpness.  While mainly aesthetic, the improvement also constitutes a significant advancement in the ongoing efforts to make Dexter compatible with the game Star Rider, which relies heavily on the integrity of the video signal for its operation.  The update is strongly recommended for all games and can be applied to Dexter's USB drive with the Dexter Manager software. (posted by Dave Hallock 08.13.17)

DRAGON'S LAIR II ENHANCEMENT ON MERLIN-DX / DEXTER - The most complete version of DL2E is now available.  The DL2E software brings Time Warp to the Cinematronics laserdisc arcade cabinets as was planned in 1984.  New to this version, the alternate scene that was omitted from the 1991 DL2 laserdisc is now realized through the use of the Dexter laserdisc replacement.  This also marks the third distinct game selectable for play in the Merlin-Dx multigame sytem. (posted by Dave Hallock 07.01.17)

ANOTHER PRODUCTION RUN ANNOUNCED FOR DEXTER - The pre-order period has begun for another 300 units of the Dexter laserdisc replacement.  The cut-off date is July 10, 2017.  However, if the past is any indication, they may be expected to sell out before that time. (posted by Dave Hallock 06.21.17)

DRAGON'S LAIR ON RECENT TELEVISION, AGAIN - A Dragon's Lair arcade game appeared once again on "The Goldbergs" on February 15, 2017, in the episode "The Spencer's Gift", once again with interaction from main character Adam, albeit operator interaction this time, not player interaction. (posted by Dave Hallock 03.05.17)

SPACE ACE IS SET FOR RELEASE IN HD DVD FORMAT - The high definition HD DVD version of Space Ace was created and finished in 2007 by Digital Leisure, but it was then cancelled and never released when the format war was lost to Blu-ray.  The Personal Computer Museum is resurrecting the HD DVD version in a licensed, limited 250 copy release and is also including some special bonus perks in an Indiegogo campaign.  Various gameplay options and video commentary from the creators will be included.  November 2016 shipment is estimated. (posted by Dave Hallock 10.04.16)

DEXTER SHIPS - The first official release version of the Dexter laserdisc replacement has begun shipping.  Assembly and shipping will continue through the coming weeks.  The release includes meticulous last-minute tweaks to audio/video quality and synchronization which have been deemed perfect by multiple testers.  The Dexter Manager software will allow easy firmware updates as they occur. (posted by Dave Hallock 04.26.16)

DEXTER/MERLIN COLLABORATIVE SUCCESS ALLOWS INSTANT GAME SWITCHING - As previously foretold by the developers of the two devices, it is now possible for a Dragon's Lair or Space Ace arcade game equipped with both Merlin and Dexter to switch between different games automatically!  With multiple laserdisc images loaded onto a Dexter laserdisc replacement board, the Merlin MultiROM board's imminent firmware update allows users to instantly swap between Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, & Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp (optional add‑on) in a Cinematronics cabinet by using the joystick and button alone to select a game, without opening the cabinet or powering down.  See it in action in the videos posted to the D-L-P forum, and see the Merlin and Dexter websites. (posted by Dave Hallock 02.17.16)

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