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CLIFF HANGER NOW AVAILABLE WITH THE MERLIN-DX MULTIGAME - Shaun Wood at LaserCon has added Cliff Hanger to the Dx firmware of the Merlin and Arthur boards.  With a Cliff Hanger video file added to the Dexter board in a Dx system, the game can now be selected from the Merlin/Arthur main menu. (posted 04 Oct 2020)

DRAGON'S LAIR LIVE ACTION MOVIE - Actor Ryan Reynolds is in talks to star in a Netflix adaptation of the hit arcade game, Dragon's Lair!  More information can be found here. (posted 27 Mar 2020)

12" DRAGON'S LAIR ARCADE GAME REPLICA - New Wave Toys is ready to produce a 1/6 scale replica Dragon's Lair arcade game under license.  This latest product in their RepliCade Amusements game line-up was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign on the first day. (posted 02 Dec 2019)

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