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DRAGON'S LAIR LIVE ACTION MOVIE - Actor Ryan Reynolds is in talks to star in a Netflix adaptation of the hit arcade game, Dragon's Lair!  More information can be found here. (posted 27 Mar 2020)

12" DRAGON'S LAIR ARCADE GAME REPLICA - New Wave Toys is ready to produce a 1/6 scale replica Dragon's Lair arcade game under license.  This latest product in their RepliCade Amusements game line-up was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign on the first day. (posted 02 Dec 2019)

NEW REPRODUCTION DRAGON'S LAIR CONTROL PANEL OVERLAY - QuarterArcade.com and ThisOldGame have teamed up and released a new version of the Dragon's Lair Control Panel Overlay.  This officially licensed product is currently available for purchase on the QuarterArcade.com website. (posted 29 Nov 2019)

ARTHUR IS RELEASED - Shaun Wood at LaserCon has developed the Arthur PCB Replacement for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace games, to substitute for the main logic board.  Slightly smaller than the original board, Arthur incorporates all the previous Merlin MultiROM technology, which allows the options of multi-game play and laserdisc player model upgrades.  Arthur also natively integrates the Space Ace annunciator board circuitry and a volume control for the joystick feeback sounds. (posted 23 Apr 2019)

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